BLOG: World’s best chef invents transformational game

BLOG: World’s best chef invents transformational game

Imagine you’re a chef, actually one of the best chefs in the world, and you get the chance to move your whole team to another continent, challenging them to cook with totally other ingredients in a completely different culture. Where would you go?

That’s exactly what one of the best chefs in the world did earlier this year. Rene Redzepi moved his entire team (including the furniture!) from restaurant Noma in Copenhagen to Sydney for a 10-week culinary experiment. Just to see what would happen when he and his team were challenged to cook with unfamiliar, local ingredients in a totally different culture.

The power of adding playfulness in daily business gives teams and organizations the chance to break free of habits that are no longer benefiting them and adapt new habits that do. In this case we’re talking about playing as in discovering, experimenting and venturing into the unknown. And playing works when we implement this in the primary process of daily business, the core business.

If you really analyse the power of this intervention, it’s so much more than the 10 weeks of adventure. Think of the moment the team returns to their original work environment. The pattern interrupt of 10 weeks of totally different ingredients and culture has given them the chance to let go of the things that didn’t serve them and start experimenting with things that do work for them back home.

Looking back, chef René Redzepi says the Australian experience has been powerful, changing him and his team in profound ways.

He even compared this playful adventure with graduates who go backpacking after university to experiment ‘soul-searching’ and come home with new ideas about what to do in life.

I’d love to know what playful changes you might implement in your own primary process of daily business to achieve similar shifts in mindset. And if you don’t know where to start, I’ll be glad to help you on your way!

Let’s play, because Playing Works!

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