Although transforming an organization’s mindset requires multi-level approaches, let’s begin by adapting step by step. 


HR systems – optimizing human capital

  • Demand-driven HR: HR manager = strategic partner
  • Developing HR strategy and tools in a flexible workplace
  • Letting go of hierarchy, KPI management, and competence management and creating a sense of equal worth

The organizational structure – transforming roles and responsibilities

  • Letting go of a single structure and welcoming flexible teams and departments
  • Saying goodbye to ‘management’ and welcoming natural leadership
  • Assigning management responsibilities to companies’ talents
  • Eliminating ‘jobs’ and replacing them with tasks and responsibilities
  • Clustering ‘jobs’ into main and secondary tasks

The physical environment and facilities – creating the conditions for enhanced performance

  • Understanding how the physical environment and facilities affects a company’s results – for optimal vitality, productivity, creativity, etc.
  • Encouraging innovative developments like the happy building syndrome and ‘workplace nudging’
  • Developing the flexible workplace further
  • Creating a work environment that supports the new organizational structure, stimulates cooperation between different project teams, and is agile-proof
  • Overcoming barriers and supporting challenges such as diversity, regeneration and ageing

Culture aspects – showcasing the organization’s DNA

  • More and mindful attention to the softer qualities that are part of a company’s culture – routines, rituals, celebrations, humour, manners, beliefs, etc.
  • Guiding the search for a new society and the development of communities

Systems and processes – building in efficiency to promote effectiveness

Developing processes and systems further to stimulate success factors like creativity, flexibility, cooperation, work happiness and health

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