Here’s what you can expect if you decide your organization needs assistance in taking up a more playful approach to doing business:

Charting a course and monitoring progress

People, colleagues and clients – they build your organization. And every person is different. So every organization is different. Which means that moving your organization towards success is all about customization.

From starting with small purposeful impulses towards a small audience or going full force implementing impactful changes in the entire organization. Anyway, to discover what works, we have to monitor constantly: going step by step, measuring results and adjusting our direction towards results.

So what is definitely needed is a strategy or goal(s). PlayingWorks doesn’t help you create strategy, but we always need a destination or focus point to be able to start our journey.

Complementing internal talents with external expertise

During our adventure we don’t focus on the fans, or even on the non-fans. We keep a laser focus on the critical mass in between. That’s the group of people we need to move the organization.

PlayingWorks starts in-house, as that new colleague with the newbie-badge discovering what makes your organization ‘work’. PlayingWorks has access to the main systems, communication channels and processes of the company.

To work towards success we put together a PlayingWorks team that mostly consists of the companies’ talents and example roles of your organization, including their enthusiastic commitment. Therefore they know what’s going on and what’s not going on in the organization. The team can be big or small. Depending on what’s efficient and needed.

And PlayingWorks strengthens the team with doers, dreamers, thinkers, growers, experts and creators. Playcialists who believe in the power of play and who contribute to successful organizations based on their expertise. 

Promoting efficiency to facilitate fun

PlayingWorks believes in accurate estimations of time, real commitment and rescheduling if needed to make sure doing business stays playful and fun.

And PlayingWorks is addicted to adventure and surprises. In the end, it’s playing that works.

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