So you want to know more about the PlayingWorks’ philosophy? Well, fasten your safety belts and enjoy!

Translating strategy into everyday practice

PlayingWorks brings strategy into practice in a playful, creative and practical way, and by actively involving the people responsible for executing the strategy. So that the strategy becomes more than just words, but a pragmatic, and accessible approach executed on a daily basis.

The infectious power of play

PlayingWorks builds customized playgrounds for our ever-changing world – however big or small. Whatever’s needed to get things moving. Because playing is infectious. And an individual at play can infect a group. A group of people at play will infect a system. And the system at play can infect a whole community.

Personal development as the key to organizational success

PlayingWorks is about a shift of mindset. From directing, controlling, monitoring and predicting towards creating, stimulating, experimenting, developing and trusting.

If you create the tools, space and guidance necessary to build the ideal working environment for every individual, the results will follow. In the first place, the results derived from individual improvement – employee satisfaction, cooperation, commitment, creativity and talent development. That’s when the team and organization results will become visible– market share, innovation, product development and financial results. And last but not least, your customer will respond positively – customer loyalty and sales results.

No cookie cutter paradigms for innovative play

PlayingWorks doesn’t believe in window dressing, which is why PlayingWorks won’t be introducing a Chief Happiness Officer or installing a mini roller-coaster in every department.

It’s not a standard model, workshop or certification programme but a movement that can be deployed in every organization. Because PlayingWorks isn’t geared just to the Marketing, HR or Innovation departments, the movement can be started in any place within the organization.

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